Luquillo Long Term Ecological Research Program

Diana Garcia is a research scientist for the Luquillo Long Term Ecological Research Program.  Her research interests are varied and include Ecosystem ecology, with special emphasis on the effect of natural disturbance and land-use change dynamics on plant community structure, species composition, biogeochemical cycles and global changes; Effect of soil heterogeneity on the processes that determine vegetation distribution and nutrient availability for terrestrial ecosystems and Effect of natural and anthropogenic disturbances on ecosystem-level processes. In addition to her LTER work she currently collaborates in the San Juan ULTRA project.

Selected Publications:

Garcia-Montiel DC, MT Coe, MP Cruz, JN Fereira, EM da Silva, and EA Davidson. Estimating seasonal changes in volumetric soil water content at landscape scales in a savanna ecosystem using two-dimensional resistivity profiling. Earth Interactions 12:1-25


Ferreira JN, M Bustamante, DC Garcia-Montiel, KK Caylor, and EA Davidson. 2007. Spatial variation in vegetation structure coupled to plant available water determined by two-dimensional soil resistivity profiling in a Brazilian savanna. Oecologia DOI 10.1007/s00442-007-0747-6